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20 Reasons Why Employers Need Hiring Hub in Their Life

Posted by Isabelle Larsson on 10/11/15 13:59

What…are you telling me that you’ve checked us out, you know what we do, and you still need a reason to use us? Seriously? Oh, very well then. Here’s not one, but 20 reasons why employers need Hiring-Hub in their life. In an easy to digest, bullet point format. (Call me a crowd pleaser.)

(Ok I lied about the bullet points. You’ll have to put up with numbers instead - it’s easier to count to 20 that way.)

  1. You get the best talent.
  1. Quicker than it’s ever been delivered before.
  1. But most importantly, without the hassle.
  1. You’ll be shielded from cold calls.

  1. Which means you can carry about your work uninterrupted.
  1. You'll have the power.
  1. You set the fee you’re happy to pay.
  1. You control the communications.
  1. You’ll have access to talent pools your competitors can’t reach.
  1. You get to work with us.
  1. …This is a plus because we’re lovely.
  1. (How about this one) THERE’S NO RISK. (I think that’s a pretty good one.)
  1. (Or this one) IT’S FREE-TO-USE.

(Seriously, look how happy she is)

  1. Upload a vacancy tonight, and you’ll have a response by the morning.
  1. Our integrated applicant tracking system makes it easy for you to stay on top of the process. 
  1. The recruitment industry is broken, and we’re fixing it.
  1. We’re putting an end to bad practices.
  1. There’s a talent crisis going on- we’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt you.
  1. So you can beat your competition to the skills that make the difference.
  1. You can sign up now with the click of the button. It’s quick and easy.


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