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What Are The Advantages Of Online Recruitment?

Posted by Simon Swan on 02/12/15 11:30

Not so long ago people cleaned their teeth with twigs...

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Topics: Online Recruitment

Are You Ahead of The Curve?

Posted by Will Dolby on 25/11/15 16:00

First things first – are you the type of person who would sit for days on end in a queue to buy the latest Apple gadget? Or are you more likely to wait four years and get one from the bargain bin?

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Topics: Recruitment, Online Recruitment

Supply And Demand: Are Recruitment Agency Fees Increasing?

Posted by Simon Swan on 19/11/15 11:11

Will the skills shortage trigger an increase in recruitment agency fees, and do they represent good value?

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Topics: Human Resources

HR Departments Must Evolve or Die

Posted by Simon Swan on 16/11/15 08:00

Occasionally, we get a bit frustrated with the mindset of those responsible for recruiting within an organisation — more often than not a company’s HR department — when they are reluctant to try something new. Something like our online recruitment marketplace.

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Topics: Human Resources

20 Reasons Why Employers Need Hiring Hub in Their Life

Posted by Isabelle Larsson on 10/11/15 13:59

What…are you telling me that you’ve checked us out, you know what we do, and you still need a reason to use us? Seriously? Oh, very well then. Here’s not one, but 20 reasons why employers need Hiring-Hub in their life.

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Topics: Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

Why "We've Always Done It This Way" Is The Killer of Innovation and Will Strangle Your Growth

Posted by Will Dolby on 03/11/15 08:48

It comes as no surprise to us that OnRec recently reported that recruiters are becoming more dependent on recruitment technology. Over 80% currently spend over five hours a day using tech in a professional setting.

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Topics: Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

Is Your PSL Holding You Back?

Posted by Will Dolby on 28/10/15 11:18

Ah the Preferred Supplier List (PSL). That trusty list you can rely on to fill any vacancy that pops up. But is it also somewhat of a convenient excuse to close the door on other agencies (and platforms) when they come knocking?

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Topics: Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

Should You Avoid a Job Hopper?

Posted by Will Dolby on 23/10/15 10:34

Ah, job hoppers. Those lovely folk who could quite easily fill 4 sides of A4 with just their job titles from the last 5 years.

Generally, they're frowned upon by prospective employers. But should they be?

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Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Business

Top 8 Digital Skills of 2015

Posted by Will Dolby on 19/10/15 10:00

There are 745,000 additional workers with digital skills needed by 2017, so understandably demand for talent is high. Employers are becoming more and more concerned about being able to find the right people to fill roles. And rightly so.

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Topics: IT, Employment, Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

Bridging The Digital Skills Gap

Posted by Will Dolby on 14/10/15 11:27

It’s the hot topic on every HR professional and recruiter’s lips – the skills shortage. And no where is this more pronounced than at the leading edge of technology.

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Topics: IT, Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

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