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Lunchtime reading for HR professionals and recruitment agencies

Bridging The Digital Skills Gap

Posted by Will Dolby on 14/10/15 11:27

It’s the hot topic on every HR professional and recruiter’s lips – the skills shortage. And no where is this more pronounced than at the leading edge of technology.

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Topics: IT, Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

How To Create A Great Culture At Your Company

Posted by Will Dolby on 25/08/15 16:47

Take a look around. What’s it like in your office? Are people wandering round looking like silent zombies, afraid to speak out or, dare we say it, have fun?

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Topics: Business, Human Resources, Start-ups

How to Stop a Candidate Taking a Counter Offer

Posted by Sara Jones on 01/07/15 10:00

Congratulations! You’ve gone through the hiring process and found yourself a brilliant candidate. Not only someone who can do the job, but someone who glows with positivity, passion… and has also promised to bake cakes every day and buy everyone a beer on Fridays.

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Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Business, Human Resources

Does HR Stand For Hindering Recruitment?

Posted by Dan Hanks on 09/06/15 16:08

It’s a fast-paced world out there, with answers to every conceivable question available at our fingertips. If someone happens to ask ‘are there any jobs out there for me?’ it’s now easy for them to find out and apply in a short space of time. Simply jump online, locate the role, craft a beautiful cover letter, attach the CV, and hit <send>.

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Topics: Recruitment, Human Resources

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