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Lunchtime reading for HR professionals and recruitment agencies

How To Create A Great Culture At Your Company

Posted by Will Dolby on 25/08/15 16:47

Take a look around. What’s it like in your office? Are people wandering round looking like silent zombies, afraid to speak out or, dare we say it, have fun?

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The Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

Posted by Joe Sammells on 21/08/15 09:27

Despite stating in your CV you have all the skills to 'hit the ground running', finding your feet in a new role always takes a bit of time. There is only so much you can learn from an employee handbook and previous experience. 

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10 myths about entrepreneurs

Posted by Sara Jones on 19/08/15 09:30

Think you know what an entrepreneur is?

Most of us would claim we do. That it’s “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” (Thanks, Google.) 

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The Best Cities In Britain To Be A Start-Up

Posted by Simon Swan on 29/07/15 16:07

If you have delusions of business grandeur, there’s never been a better time to go it alone. According to StartUp Britain, a whopping great 581,173 new businesses were registered in 2014 and that number looks to increase this year.

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When Do You Start Delegating Recruitment, If Ever?

Posted by Will Dolby on 07/07/15 10:51

As any manager knows, there are some things you simply can’t delegate. And for successful managers, it might be difficult to let go of one of the most important parts of the job – recruitment.

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What To Expect When You Join A Start-Up

Posted by Joe Sammells on 02/07/15 09:13

Fancy working in a start-up or early stage company but not sure what to expect?

I took the plunge and joined Hiring Hub in January this year. I'd previously been enjoying an illustrious career as a grouse beater (Google it), so the move to Manchester for a sales role at a start-up seemed like natural progression.

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Topics: Entrepreneurs, Start-ups

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