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Hello! We are wishing everyone a good holiday and a Happy New Year.

In the last three months, we’ve managed to add more features to help our customers meet their goals. Let’s review.


Tech Person of the Year

At Hiring Hub, we always like to share the good moments and celebrate together. Last week, we celebrated the Tech person of the Year, who is not surprisingly our Tech Team Lead, Brandon. Congratulations Brandon and thanks a lot for all the great work you’re doing to make sure we deliver a valuable product to our customers.


Recruitment Agency Partner Network

To support employer users with very bespoke roles, not core to the skills on our regular network, we’ve introduced a ‘Partner Network’. The Partner Network is an invite-only community of specialist, boutique recruitment agencies who operate in niches outside of our marketplace’s core industry specialisms that can be easily contacted and invited to work on very specific roles on Hiring Hub’s Marketplace by the Account Managers in collaboration with our employers.

The Partner Network type of user account allows an agency to view the jobs they have been invited to work on and the roles we’re seeking their help to fill. Recruiters within the Partner Network will get invitations by email and view the job details in their HH account to decide to accept it or ignore it if they are not interested. They can also see all live marketplace vacancies, and quickly upgrade their account should they see value in joining as a member.


Clustering Sectors

To ensure that agency users can work only on the sectors they are specialised in, we’ve linked their subscription to the sectors they purchased in its new clusters. This has widened the scope for agencies to work on more roles within related areas whilst still, we can target specific agencies with the jobs we know they can fill.

Recruiters can view their sectors in the ‘Your Account’ page under the user section in the sub-section ‘Preferences’  mentioned below in the ‘Your Account Upgrade’.


Recruiter Pricing Model 

To simplify the membership pricing plans and offer greater value to our recruiter members, we’ve introduced a new pricing model that incentivises long-term partnership.

By that, recruiters can choose from annual and/or monthly membership plans, and opt for full access to jobs in all sectors, or select their specific specialism. The new plans can be found on a recruiter’s membership page.


Your Account Upgrade | Employers and Recruiters

To improve the account’s security and UX/UI, we’ve upgraded the ‘Your Account’ section of the application. The new upgrade helps employers and recruiters maintain their accounts and companies’ profiles easier and provide the ability to manage the users’ accounts’ tasks.

The new layout combines updating the user account and the company profile on one page by clicking on the ‘Your Account’ in the user’s account dropdown menu. The user will be still able to edit the company profile by visiting the company profile and clicking on the three dots, then ‘Edit Company Profile’. 

Additionally, we have upgraded the progress bar that gives an idea about the profile completion with some suggestions on the main sections. This bar now includes the account photo and the company logo, as we believe it’s a key to making the account look professional. The rich profile helps our customers better understand and know about each other. The new profile section makes it easier to complete and see what’s missing. Could sign post, check out their profile to see if they have missing information.

For Employers, we’ve included the ‘Email Domains’ sub-section to add the domains they need to use when sharing the candidates’ CVs with their Hiring Managers. However, the ‘Share’ button on the candidate profile will not be active until one domain, at least, is added. 

You can find the concept of the ‘Forward to Hiring Manager’ feature and its benefit in our previous blog. Feel free to check it here if you are interested to learn more about it.

For recruiters, we’ve added the sub-section ‘Preferences’ where they can set the settings to get notifications when a new job is added, which is defaulted to on. This section also includes the job types they work on, that is, permanent or contract, and the sectors they are specialised in, which get updated based on the plan they subscribed to and in coordination with their account managers.


Agency Performance Table

More on the admin side to make sure we have a data-driven platform leading to our decisions, we’ve added a table that displays the agencies’ performance metrics on the hub-admin panel to ensure each agency gets the required support they need to be successful. 

The insightful data in this table will ensure agencies get the best chance of getting ROI in the first three months. It will also give the account managers an idea of the ongoing performance data to support a long relationship with Hiring Hub. On the other side, the recruiters will get the support they need before they know they need it based on early data points.



What’s Happening Now/Next 

Jobs Credit for Normal Accounts

To allow the account managers to add credits for every employer as they pay for it, we will notify them when the employer’s credits are 2, so they discuss with the employers if they want to pay before it goes to zero. 

To save the employers’ time on busy days, we will show them the credits left, so they pay to add new jobs without going into minus.  That already exists for Portal and Premium accounts but is now added to the Normal accounts.

From January all jobs on our platform marketplace will be based on an upfront credit basis, adding the ability to easily view how many job credits you have so you can manage this with your account manager.


Automate the  Placement Data on  the Agency Activity Feed

We enjoy keeping our agencies up to date with all the great activity on the platform. At present, there is a lot of manual effort populating our agency activity feed. We want to make this easier to manage and start automatically populating it where we can. Starting with placement data.

The analysis of this new improvement is ready, also the team finished breaking these into tech tasks. On that, we’ve agreed on six different formats to utilise. These will display the agency name, recruiter name, the no of days they’ve spent to make a placement and the fees in addition to more helpful information. The team is working on the dev tasks next week, and we will be sharing the updates with you about it in our next blog.


Product Roadmapping and Priorities

As we come to the end of the year, we’re developing a new product roadmap together which we had several workshops with our different departments at Hiring Hub and a group of our customers to come up with together. In the new year, we will be sitting down to confirm the outcomes we want to achieve next year and how we might start to validate some of these assumptions in Q1 before setting out a loose roadmap.


That’s it for now! Thank you very much for reading this and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, or to share suggestions at [email protected]

We are all here to help and will be very happy to hear from you.


Excited to learn more about us, visit our HH website.


Originally published 4th January 2022