2019 Salary Guide: Accountancy & Finance (UK)

The average salary of a Chief Financial Officer in the UK can vary by as much as £150k depending location, company size, and industry. And, it’s not just CFOs where we see such a huge % disparity. Similar influences echo across many jobs in the accountancy and financial service sector.

However, these aren’t the only factors that are having a direct impact on salaries. Competition for top finance and accountancy talent is on the rise in Britain, with demand outstripping supply for key skills, driving remuneration increases across the board during 2018.

To shed some light on the average earnings of those working in the accountancy and financial services sector, we crunched data on our recruitment agency marketplace, documenting salary ranges and averages for the key roles across the UK at large and SME firms.

The guide covers: finance, accountancy, compliance, risk, audit, accounts receivable, and payroll, to provide a comprehensive view of salaries within the Finance & Accountancy sector in 2019.

To obtain a copy for the 2019 Finance & Accountancy Salary Guide, click here.




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Originally published 15th March 2019