Webinar: How to manage a remote team

During this fantastic session we heard the lessons Sensée has learned over a 15-year period of building a 1,000-employee, remote-first business, covering not only how to manage remote workers, but what technology you can use, how to drive engagement, support wellbeing, and ensure security.

We were joined by Sensée CEO, Mark Walton, and Service Delivery Manager, Sarah Cocks who both spoke eloquently across a broad range of topics, including:

  • How to foster team culture, remotely
  • How to maintain effective communications
  • How to measure and drive productivity
  • How to support homeworkers when they’re stressed
  • How to ensure security and compliance with a remote workforce
  • How to drive a sense of togetherness and engagement

Watch the video recording of the 40-minute webinar below.


About Sensée: Founded by a Canadian (where flexible outsourcing and homeworking is more prevalent due to the size of Canada and the US making it necessary), Sensée was setup in 2004 and has grown to >1,000-strong team of home-workers in UK that deliver customer support for big blue chips like BUPA, Allianz and Hastings Direct. All of its people are employed (no zero hour contracts), dedicated to a single client, and self-supply home office equipment and broadband, so over the years Sensée has developed a virtual mindset and honed a framework to make remote and flexible working its competitive advantage. On this webinar they shared some of the lessons they have learned over more than a decade as a remote-first business.

Originally published 21st May 2020