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Simon Swan

Simon is Co-Founder of Hiring Hub, with a passion for making the recruitment process a faster, better place.

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What Are The Advantages Of Online Recruitment?

Posted by Simon Swan on 02/12/15 11:30

Not so long ago people cleaned their teeth with twigs...

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Topics: Online Recruitment

Supply And Demand: Are Recruitment Agency Fees Increasing?

Posted by Simon Swan on 19/11/15 11:11

Will the skills shortage trigger an increase in recruitment agency fees, and do they represent good value?

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Topics: Human Resources

HR Departments Must Evolve or Die

Posted by Simon Swan on 16/11/15 08:00

Occasionally, we get a bit frustrated with the mindset of those responsible for recruiting within an organisation — more often than not a company’s HR department — when they are reluctant to try something new. Something like our online recruitment marketplace.

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Topics: Human Resources

The Best Cities In Britain To Be A Start-Up

Posted by Simon Swan on 29/07/15 16:07

If you have delusions of business grandeur, there’s never been a better time to go it alone. According to StartUp Britain, a whopping great 581,173 new businesses were registered in 2014 and that number looks to increase this year.

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Topics: Business, Start-ups

How to Fire Someone: Ten tips to avoid screwing it up

Posted by Simon Swan on 11/06/15 09:56

We all know that with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately in business great responsibility also comes with one of the worst parts of the job – having to fire someone.

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Topics: Employment, Business

The Eight Ball: core characteristics we look for when hiring

Posted by Simon Swan on 01/05/15 15:31

Hiring Hub is a fast-growing business and, therefore, not immune to recruitment pains of its own. But whether we’re looking for a new web developer or sales person, we judge all those we meet against eight core characteristics that we believe set people apart in the workplace. 

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Topics: Employment, Recruitment

8 Ways to Vet Candidates

Posted by Simon Swan on 22/04/15 11:32

Sorting through the masses to find the cream of the crop. It’s a tough job. And it can be extremely time consuming. Hiring takes energy, time and money, plus a good deal of strategic thinking and personal judgement. But gut instinct alone isn’t enough to prevent an unsuitable or dishonest candidate slipping through the net.

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Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Online Recruitment, Social Media

What Is The Antonym Of An Entrepreneur And Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Simon Swan on 25/02/14 10:30

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and granted it’s a great time to be one. But what is one? Entrepreneur what? Entrepreneur who? ‘To entrepreneur’. No that doesn’t work. It’s definitely not a verb then.

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Topics: Entrepreneurs

You Snooze. You Lose: Speed Up Your Recruitment Process Or Lose The Best Candidates

Posted by Simon Swan on 21/01/14 11:00

Recruitment can be a slow process for all parties. From initially profiling the role, to writing a job description, advertising the vacancy, engaging recruitment agencies, reviewing applications, interviewing candidates… 

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Topics: Recruitment, Online Recruitment

In Demand – The UK’s IT Sector Employment Growth 2014

Posted by Simon Swan on 08/01/14 14:00

The overwhelming message from Hiring Hub's latest infographic is the current positivity, growth and development of the UK’s tech sector.  

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Topics: IT, Recruitment, Infographics

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