Tech Recruitment Trends & 2024 Salary Guide webinar

We saw more than a 50% decline in tech jobs during 2023 but the green shoots of a recovery are emerging as hiring confidence set to return in 2024 – so what can we expect next year?

To answer that, and share insights on what skills are in demand and how much you’ll need to pay to attract the top talent, we held a 30-minute Tech Recruitment Trends & Salary Guide webinar.

Hiring Hub’s Founder, Simon Swan, was joined by James Chaplin, CEO of Vacancysoft, the UK’s leading provider of labour market data and analytics who gave us vital insights for navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape. They explored:

  1. The impact of global economic shifts on the tech sector
  2. The rise and fall of tech vacancies in the UK and any regional shifts.
  3. The skills that are currently in-demand by employers

If you missed our webinar, or would simply like to watch it again, then a recording of the webinar can be found here 👇👇👇

Found the webinar insightful? Then why not download your complimentary copy of Hiring Hub’s 2024 IT & Tech Salary Guide here to discover in more depth:

📉 Which tech jobs fluctuated in the UK in 2023
🔥 What IT/tech skills are in high demand
📍 The regions where tech jobs are concentrated
💰 Average tech salaries in 2023 and what they will look in 2024
🔮 What to expect from the sector next year

If you have a question for James Chaplin that we didn’t get chance to cover in our webinar, you can find him here on LinkedIn, or contact Vacancysoft here to learn how they can provide your business with insightful labour market data and analytics.

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Originally published 12th December 2023