Agency Q&A: Kode Consultancy

We caught up with Nick Hewitt of Kode Consultancy, who has been working with Hiring Hub since May 2017, to get his opinion why he first joined our community and why he continues to get value from it.

So, what made you give Hiring Hub a go?

As a young business, it’s great. When I first heard of Hiring Hub I had a couple of existing accounts already, so it was a fantastic way to meet new employers and build my business quickly.

How are you finding it so far?

It’s going really well. The platform is very simple to use. I don’t think it could be any easier to be fair, all you need to do is add some information on the candidate and attach their CV. I don’t think Hiring Hub can simplify the process any more than it already is.

How has the team at Hiring Hub supported you?

To be honest, the thing that I really like about working with Hiring Hub is the accessibility. I can always pick up the phone to my Relationship Manager. In fact, she’s probably sick of the sound of my voice! Ha ha. But really, if I need answer, I can get it straight away on the phone or within an hour in my inbox. Making my life much easier. The accessibility and the fact that I’ve got instant access to the answers and information that I need is just fantastic.

Has it changed how you work?

It’s definitely made my life a lot easier. It removes the headache of going out and trying to find new business all the time when there are fully qualified roles available straight away on Hiring Hub.

Would you recommend it?

100% yes. I’ve seen success personally, I’m living proof that Hiring Hub really works. I think the customer relationship side is really strong. The team are always there, and it’s that type of support which is what makes Hiring Hub truly special. It’s not just a website, but a team of people that pull together to really help you be successful.

Describe Hiring Hub in three words…

Supportive. Secure. Profitable!

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Originally published 6th December 2017