Christmas: the unexpected goldmine for candidate attraction

The festive season, often considered a time for relaxation and celebration, might not traditionally be associated with recruitment. However, this period presents unique opportunities for businesses looking to strengthen their teams. This blog post explores why the festive period is the ideal time to run recruitment campaigns and how it can benefit your company.

  1. Availability of Candidates:

Think the festive season is a time to slow down your recruiting efforts? Think again! It’s actually the perfect time to speed up.

During this time, there’s a noticeable uptick in candidates browsing job opportunities online. According to a 2022 survey by Indeed, 44% of UK jobseekers said they were more likely to look for a new job over the Christmas period. This was up from 39% in 2021.

This trend presents a valuable opportunity for employers, with agencies actively scouting for talent on your behalf. By strategically leveraging this increase in job interest, you can uncover exceptional talent contemplating a career change but haven’t yet begun their active search.

  1. Why use agencies this festive season? Less competition!

Easy access to great talent: Companies often slow down hiring over the festive period, meaning agencies can snatch up all that amazing talent everyone else is missing out on.

You’ll look super dedicated: While you’re enjoying the festive period, recruiters will be out there showing how serious you are about growing your team. That’s bound to catch the eye of some go-getters looking for a place that’s moving in the right direction.

  1. Agencies getting us ready for the New Year:

Getting ahead of the game: If you get your job live before the festive period, you could have top talent all set to start strong in the New Year.

Making the most of your 2023 budget: You’ll still have this year’s budget to play with, rather than tapping into next year’s budget. Use it to bring fresh talent into your team.

With the festive season rolling in, this can be a sweet spot for hiring that you shouldn’t miss.

Contrary to the idea of slowing down, the festive season is an ideal time for agencies to intensify recruitment efforts. Many potential candidates, though not actively applying, are browsing job opportunities over the Christmas period. Recruitment agencies specialise in identifying and engaging with these passive candidates, presenting and positioning your opportunities. This season, let recruitment agencies navigate the surge in online job interest, connecting you with top talent poised for a career move.

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Originally published 23rd November 2023