Hiring Hub partner with Talos360

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the award-winning applicant tracking system provider, Talos360, to enable their growing client base to post jobs directly onto Hiring Hub’s marketplace from their ATS.

The integration, which goes live this week, furthers Hiring Hub’s commitment to give independent, boutique recruiters access to a wide range of qualified jobs from motivated employers and forms part of a number of strategic initiatives to grow the volume of vacancies on the marketplace through 2024.

Talos360, who have carved an enviable reputation for its customer-focus ed ATS, are excited to be the first ATS in the UK to partner with Hiring Hub, giving their clients a unique opportunity to find and work with specialist recruiters through their platform.

“Our goal has always been to deliver high quality jobs to our recruitment agency partners while championing the value of boutique recruiters to employers that might not otherwise have easily found them,” said Simon Swan, Founder of Hiring Hub.  

“Our partnership with Talos360 will deliver members unprecedented access to a wider array of jobs,” continued Swan. “Furthermore, it supports our mission to level the playing field in an industry often dominated by larger traditional recruitment agencies that we feel deliver a slower, more rigid and expensive service versus our proven network of specialist, agile, and high-performing recruiters.”

Talos360’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dean McGlone, said:

“Our partnership with Hiring Hub provides our clients with access to a network of specialist recruiters, helping to facilitate a faster recruitment process, whilst providing quality talent for any vacant role, creating an overall exceptional hiring experience. This is an incredible partnership for Talos360, and we are delighted to provide such an effective hiring solution that will ultimately help our clients hire better.”

We’re excited about this new partnership and the opportunity it creates for our members. Together with Talos360, we’re working hard to drive awareness of Hiring Hub within Talos360’s client base while educating its users on the merits of choosing to engage with recruiters via the Hub through a number of upcoming events, webinars and content.

Originally published 11th January 2024