Keeping Positive During Furlough

Thinking positively, I guess being furloughed does come with some advantages for me…

More time to spend with my family during these early, precious times.

Quiz nights with friends… who knew it was possible to be hungover the next day from a Zoom call?!

A chance to take a moment to regroup and think about plans for the future. Am I in the right career? How is my mental health right now?

I spend a few hours a day using some great resources available from CVM People to up skill and expand my knowledge in the digital areas I recruit in, ready for when we’re back on our feet.

I’m also fortunate enough that one of my hobbies, Instagram, I can do from home too! I’ve spent more time working with brands and helping out smaller businesses who are struggling right now.

Everyone’s situation is different, but unfortunately this isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s important to try and find your positives!

If I come out the other side of this, having only lost my job for a little while, I think I’ve done pretty well.

Charntel Wright
Digital Search and Selection Specialist – CVM People

Originally published 30th April 2020