Menopause Matters: Supporting Women in the Workplace

Missed Our Webinar on World Menopause Day? Catch the Recording Here!

On World Menopause Day, hundreds of HR professionals joined us for Hiring Hub’s live stream webinar broadcasted on LinkedIn. The event was dedicated to understanding how to support women in the workplace during their menopause and perimenopause journey. It’s a topic of paramount importance, as nearly 18% of women consider leaving their jobs every year due to menopausal symptoms.

Our panel of expert speakers delved deep into the subject, offering knowledge and practical insights. The goal? Sharing knowledge and practical insights to help you better understand the topic, how it impacts women at work, and what you can do to create a more inclusive and supportive environment through implementation of policies, training, counselling, and coaching.

We were fortunate to be joined by:

• Jennifer Smith, Partner at Forbes Solicitors, brought her expertise as an employment law specialist. She shed light on the latest case law and case studies of recent tribunals, shared best practice, and what employers need to know about supporting their team through menopause from a legal angle.

• Tamara Rubery, Senior HR Manager, has been instrumental in formulating and rolling out menopause-focused policies and training at Mewburn Ellis, a leading UK-wide IP specialist firm. She offered a blueprint for best practices and actionable insights for HR teams.

• Bev Thorogood, a renowned coach and TED talk speaker, didn’t just discuss how companies can support women during menopause. She also shared her personal journey and experiences, offering a unique perspective from an employee’s viewpoint.

The depth of expertise combined with real-world experiences made for a truly engaging and informative webinar. The session provided insights into what various companies are doing to assist women during menopause and perimenopause. It also offered guidance on how HR professionals can make a positive impact and ensure that menopause is both understood and accommodated within their organisations.

For HR professionals who are eager to understand more about menopause in the workplace, we invite you to watch the recording of this event, share it with your peers and continue the conversation on creating a supportive work environment for all. If you missed it, or would simply like to watch it again, then a recording of the webinar can be found here 👇👇👇

Originally published 26th October 2023