2019 Salary Guide: Marketing

Demand for the top marketing talent is on the rise, and so are both salaries for full-time employees in the sector, and the use of freelancers. Indeed, unable to find permanent hires for all positions, over a quarter — or some 1.6 million of UK businesses — are planning to hire freelance or contract staff over the next 12 months to help plug the skills gap created by the digital explosion.

To shed some light on the average earnings of marketers in the UK, we crunched the numbers from jobs posted by employers on our recruitment agency marketplace last year and created a 2019 Salary Guide for Marketing Jobs, which includes salary ranges and average salaries based on job title, sector, location and experience.

According to our data, average salaries for the major regions around the UK (excluding London) didn’t fluctuate dramatically, so we pooled these geographies together to form an industry average for the rest of the UK, and for London – where the average Marketing Director earns £20k more than their counterparts in the regions.

The 2019 Marketing Salary Guide covers: general marketing, PR & communications, digital marketing, analytics, events marketing and brand. And the results highlight areas of pay growth, and should act as a useful guide for companies seeking to understand whether they’re paying their teams enough to retain them in 2019 given the growing skills shortage.

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Originally published 15th March 2019