2019 HR and In-House Recruitment Salary Guide

Despite the cloud of political and economic uncertainty that’s hung over the UK for the past 24 months, wages rose at the fastest pace in nearly a decade towards the end of 2018 according to figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), and, after years of relative stagnation, salary increases show little sign of slowing in 2019.

Compared to a year earlier, wages (excluding bonuses), rose by 3.2% within the three months to September 2018 – the biggest increase since the end of 2008, and up on the previous quarter. While the average UK private sector worker is expected to receive an extra £20 per month, or £237.35 per annum before tax, in 2019 according to research by the data organisation, ECA International.

The HR and Recruitment sector is no exception, as permanent salaries within both private and public sectors increased broadly in-line with other professional industries, although HR and Recruitment professionals in private companies are generally enjoying higher average salaries than their counterparts in the public sector.

To shed some light on the average earnings of HR professionals and In-House Recruiters across the country, we took at a look at the salaries employers we’re posting on our recruitment agency marketplace and created averages based on sector, job title, location, and experience. We’ve covered senior and generalist HR roles, talent & resourcing, learning & development and reward, to give you comprehensive guide of salary ranges in the UK today.

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Originally published 15th March 2019