Recruitment agency marketplace – What’s the difference between a recruiter and a market trader?

When you buy an apple from a market, you don’t expect to find a maggot inside. When you purchase a used car, you don’t expect the brakes to fail at 70mph on the motorway. When you work with a recruiter to find a new employee, you expect them to diligently scour the market for the best possible talent.

You count on the market, the car dealership and the recruiter to deliver what they promise, but for one important reason, our levels of trust in the market are far higher.

The “wisdom of the crowd” imparts its judgment to a greater extent.

Hundreds of people visit the marketplace every weekend. If they have a good experience, they will come back. If they have a bad experience, they won’t. The best market stalls attract the biggest queues – thus natural selection ensures only the best market traders thrive to make the marketplace a maggot-free zone.

You trust the marketplace thanks to the experiences of hundreds of others.

It is harder to tap into this shared wisdom when it comes to recruitment agencies.

Unless you’re an enormous corporate, it’s unlikely you’ll be hiring new people in the same volume that you buy fruit and veg. Your demands for each role are unique, so it’s harder to compare “purchase experiences.” In any case, it is rare that individual HR departments get the chance to compare notes about the performances of specialist recruitment agencies.

Recruitment is an incredibly opaque industry, and as “purchases” are relatively infrequent, it’s difficult to tap into the wisdom of crowds that the marketplace example offers.

Unless you are a recruitment agency marketplace.

Hiring Hub’s recruitment marketplace model is built on clarity and transparency. Employers post their job briefs, including the fee they’re willing to pay a recruitment agency, and specialist recruiters pitch to work on the employer’s vacancy and source candidates. Employers choose which recruiters to work with, but here their choice is informed by the same “wisdom of crowds” as the marketplace example.

Recruitment agencies within Hiring Hub’s online marketplace are rated by employers that have used them previously. Levels of trust are therefore unprecedented.

Hiring Hub is a maggot-free zone.

It’s a horrible feeling to meet someone for the first time and spend the beginning of your conversation working out whether they’re trustworthy. Sadly, this dance plays out all too commonly. Rather than discuss the meat of a role, recruiters spend half their time talking-up their experience and selling their value.

Whereas on Hiring Hub’s recruitment agency marketplace, employers can skip this merry-go-round and get down to the important stuff immediately, within minutes, safe in the knowledge that countless peers have used and rated a certain recruitment agency to an acceptable level.

While this offers comfort, above all else it saves time.

Just as not every apple producer would be brave enough to sell their wares at the town market, not every recruitment agency is brave enough to stand up to the scrutiny of the Hiring Hub employer crowd.

Frankly, why would you look for a candidate anywhere else?

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Originally published 16th October 2018