Impact of Covid-19 on UK employment & recruitment

Covid-19 hit recruitment and employment activity in the UK hard, but when we scoured the internet to determine just how hard, we found it difficult to find a consolidated source of data and information to get a real snapshot of the current climate.

While it was easy to find job data, and firms like Adzuna – who have joined forces with the Office of National Statistics to deliver real time vacancy data – are doing an excellent job of sharing up-to-date information, it only provides one view.

Hence the marketing team at Hiring Hub got busy and created this useful infographic to pull data together from lots of different sources to offer readers a quick overview of Covid-19’s impact on the employment and recruitment landscape, covering:

• Impact on each sector
• Redundancies and pay
• Employer sentiment
• Job seeker sentiment

We hope it’s useful – we’ve already committed to creating a follow-up later in the year as the UK, and the businesses that form the lifeblood of its economy, begin to recover.


Originally published 6th July 2020